Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions....

Where are you based?

West London. I'm just a five minute walk from PERIVALE station which is on the Central line (20 mins from oxford circus). There is parking around the studio if you choose to drive (I recommend parking in the station car park which is £4 all day).

How many changes should I bring?

You can bring as many as you like, however I recommend 7/8 changes of top, I recommend wearing your favourite outfits, the best clothes that represent YOU! Also you can have a look at my INSTAGRAM page for the sorta vibe i'm shooting.

What types of tops shall I wear?

Bring a selection, don't wear anything that's too distracting, big logo's etc. White/black/neutrals are always winners, don't believe people that tell you you can't wear black in a headshot ;)

How much makeup shall I wear?


I recommend wearing the same amount of makeup you would wear for an audition. Matte Products are the best, anything that takes away the shine from the skin. If you would prefer to wear no makeup - here is some advice from a great makeup artist on achieving a natural make up look  - 'Use a BB cream (trinny BFF skin perfector) and a VERY LIGHT brush of bronzing powder. Do NOT over powder because it can look cakey and make you look OLDER"..... Ps.....Do NOT fake tan.

Can I wear my glasses?

Of Course! Your head shots should look like you, however I would recommend bringing anti-glare glasses / lenses, other wise it is very difficult to hide the flash in the reflection :)

It's wet and windy, can I get ready when I arrive?

Course you can, I have power for straigheners/hair dryers etc.

How many shots will you take?

Anything​ betweem 400 and 700! Overwhelming I know but I prefer to give you as much choice as possible.

How Long do you keep my pictures?

I keep all shoots on file for a year.

Can I keep the unedited versions?

I'm afraid not.

How long does the shoot take?

Usually around 1.5hrs, sometimes less, sometimes more!

Will you edit my spots and skin?

Yes. Think of the shots being the best version of yourself. However anything that is permanent e.g scars, birth marks etc, I like to keep.

Do you Airbrush/Smooth the skin


I don't remove the texture from the skin, the headshot should still look like you! 

Can I shave half way through?

Yes you can, headshots are all about representing you in as many different ways as possible, to open up different casting brackets.

I'm REALLY nervous!!!

Don't be, no great things happened being in your comfort zone! However I guarantee after ten minutes you'll be pulling poses you only see on America's next top model!

How Do I Book?


I can't figure out how to use the online booking system!!

The booking system always opens on SUNDAY at MIDDAY. If there are no spots available, that means I am currently fully booked. Message me on Instagram/email and i'll see if I have any cancellations etc. Unfortunately I don't book any dates that are more than 70 days away. So if there is a space within the next 70 days, snap it up!

What is your background?

As well as a photographer, i'm also a performer. I know how it feels to be on both sides of the camera, which makes me an expert in making you feel comfortable! I also pride myself in knowing what looks good and knowing what casting directors want.